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AIDE Dental Laboratory

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For the last 8 years, the AIDE dental laboratory has been offering its expertise to top dentists, enabling their patients to take a bite out of life!

With 20 years of experience in dental technology, our experts are the foundation of a laboratory using cutting edge technology using multiple 3D scanners, skilled employees passionate about dentistry, modern offices with a colour matching showroom for clients.

Michel Arab T.D. and Maher Karo T.D.

Our products are of flawless quality, reliability and professional expertise. Moreover each client will benefit from our tailor-made aftercare.

The AIDE Dental Laboratory was founded in 2007, with the merging of two independent laboratories founded by Michel Arab T.D. and Maher Karo T.D.

Our experts are constantly up-to-date in the field and attend several training sessions every year so as to use new technologies in their practice and therefore benefit their clientele.

Our scanners

NobelProcera 2G

Nobel 2G

The NobelProcera 2G system is a revolutionary scanner, high quality prosthetic product, produces state of the art results. It is a complete range from the simple cupula to the implant arcade as well as the surgical guide and "Smart Fusion Technologies".

Straumann Cares

Straumann Cares

Straumann Cares ™ Solution, is a comprehensive answer to your prosthetic needs, gives you access to all the original Straumann platforms, renowned for both their precision and outstanding quality.

Dental Wings

Dental Wings

Dental Wings is an accessible software and scanner, allowing access to almost all the possibilities available on the dental market. Most of our crowns and bridges are engineered with constant and perfect adaptability and precision. Dental Wings gives access to several implant companies including Atlantis, Dentsply, and many others.

Give your patients a reason to smile again.